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    The purpose of the gallery to acquaint you with my art. I work in the fields of paintings (realism, abstraction), drawings and interior design. On the site you will see many portraits of the made to order, Greek seascapes, cityscapes, still lifes, nudes.

Once acquainted with the gallery you can order a painting or portrait to your preference and wishes. All works are made to order, usually I associate with (color, style, size, etc.) for the interior or the place where they are located. For greater clarity, at your request,  computer visualization of interior or a fragment thereof, where the picture will be placed may be produced.
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Nude oil painting Greek landscapes Abstract art
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 Portrait oil painting to order Portraits by dry brush to order Pastel portraits to order
If you are interested in portraits, you can order a portrait from the photo, in technology: oil on canvas, dry brush, pastel, etc. Portrait of a woman and a man's, of the child portrait, official and formal portrait. They all have their peculiarities and differences, which I consider to create a classical portrait high-quality.    For an introduction to my work, here is the author's gallery of art-works, which are now in private collections. All these works are made in different years. Works  presented in sections galleries - Sale oil paintings and drawings, you can buy. 
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